You know you’re doing something right when the game you play and love officially takes a character you created and adds it to the core game’s cannon, and that’s just another notch in the belt for Joe Manganiello.

While being a big-time Hollywood hunk star, best known for roles in True Blood and Magic Mike, Manganiello is also known for being hardcore for D&D.

During a recent interview with Yahoo, Manganiello revealed that his recently retired character Arkhan the Cruel is actually going to be made into an official D&D character.

Dungeons & Dragons brought me on to write a story about him,” Manganiello said. “So my character, that I’ve played for years, has now ascended and will become part of D&D canon.”

I mean seriously, how awesome is that?  To know you’re character is essentially now immortal within the world you grew up and fell in love with.

Arkhan the Cruel is a red dragonborn (love me some dragonborn) Antipaladin, and someone that we’ll no doubt be becoming more familiar with in the coming times.