Forget mystery voices in clips, or strange car commercials in the middle of the film. We’re talking about a big time spoiler here! Big time!  And it comes from a toy.

So, we’re no stranger to toys giving away spoilers for movies. If you want to look for insight or potential spoilers for films, go straight to the toys.  We’ve even highlighted here a potential spoiler regarding Nebula’s look, based off toy leaks.

We’re not even joking, so unless you want to be spoiled, walk away now!

Not joking here!  So much so, we’re going to give you one more chance to turn away

Still here?  Ok then.

So based on this toy, it looks like Tony builds his own gauntlet to weld the Infinity Stones.

If you’re read any other leaks or rumors going around in the far corners of the interwebs, this lines up with others spoilers that have been reported.

Just a few more weeks guys.  Just a few more weeks.