Avengers: Endgame is looming on the horizon, and its felt like we’ve been getting a look at a new poster or theater standee every day for the past week.  Well it seems one theater failed to get any of the new swag, and came up with their own solution, which may be the most heartbreaking Avengers: Endgame poster you’ll see.

Over on Reddit, user tyler0_o posted his local theater’s improvised poster for the upcoming Marvel behemoth.


Guess they really took the mantra “whatever it takes” to heart.

As if watching half our heroes fade to dust wasn’t enough, we now get to look at a poster where they’re faces are just X’d out?  Talk about twisting the knife!!

On the bright side: that April 26th date really sticks out in black sharpie.  We’re in the month of Endgame people!  The time is nigh!!!!