Geekasms, which originated as a personal blog, launched in January 2010, and was hosted on a free WordPress.com account. Back then, the site was called “Geekasms of the Brain” as it was more random thoughts, mutterings and things just going on in life.
The site quickly changed and evolved towards an overarching pop-culture website with news, reviews, editorials and just sharing insight on all things that could be views by the outside world, as “geeky”, including a podcast of the same name, along with a second podcast “Police Box Paradox” which covered everything Doctor Who.
Eventually, due to time that site; Geekasms.com, which bolstered over 2 million followers, along with the aforementioned podcasts, closed it’s doors.
A few times, a site relaunch was attempted under different names, but none ever truly took off.

That was then. Geekasms.net is now.

Geekasms’ mission now, is to provide news and reviews on entertained, technology, health and fitness.  Plus a dash of parenthood, married life, and the turmoil’s of approaching 40!!

Our only hope is that the things that make us happy, make you happy.