Avengers: Endgame Happy Meal Toys Suggest {Spoilers} With Team Suits


So, some new images have made their way to Reddit, showing images of the display units that will be used in McDonalds to advertise the new Avengers: Endgame Happy Meal toys.  Typically Happy Meal toys are very basic representations of figures and characters, and rarely could be considered completely “accurate”.

What makes these figures interesting, is that there is a group of figures wearing black suits with blue arms, and are listed as being in “team suits”.  Now, assuming these “team suits” are the quantum suits that we’ve already seen, could these be representative of something related to the suits themselves?  A display of their power or transformation if the rumors of the suits being nanotech prove correct.  The really curious aspect to me, isn’t that they have blue arms, but the black bodies, which is completely opposite of the white and red we’ve seen.

The figures themselves appear to mostly be blue where the quantum suites are black, and are black where the suits are white.  Could this be how the suits are portrayed when the team is traveling through the quantum realm?  Similar to how the comics have at times depicted characters when in the negative zone?

Thoughts?  Opinions?



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