AVENGERS: ENDGAME – Possible Nebula Spoilers in Latest Toys

Toys for Marvel’s Avenger: Endgame have started to be released, and along with them seen to be a few spoilers for those paying attention.

While it hasn’t been shown in any of the trailers or promotional material, it looks like Nebula will be getting a slightly different look at some point in the film, as suggested by her Marvel Legends figure along with her Funko POP.

Of course you can’t always trust toys to be accurately reflects the events of a film, the fact that two separate toys, from two separate companies show Karen Gillan’s Nebula with an new orange plate seems to suggest that Thanos’ daughter will be sporting a different look during some part of the film.  You can check out the images of the toys below.

The marvel legends target exclusive figures have a nebula headpiece that had bronze/orange detailings on the side which havent been shown in the trailers or even the character poster. from r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers

Some pops from r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers

Looking forward to see what goes on with Nebula, and hoping she gets a moment to shine during the film.  (I have a soft spot for ole Amy Pond)

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26, 2019

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