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    BANG Introduces New Flavor: Radical Skadattle

    I have a love/hate relationship with Bang. I travel a lot with work (prior to COVID) and a quick zero calorie boost midday while I was driving was always a welcomed grab.  For me, their flavors are a hit and miss.  Most I’m on board for, but a few are just way to sweet for me.  So I can’t say I’m extremely excited for a new flavor, I can say I’m intrigued.

    Bang has indroduced to the world: Radical Skadattle, which they say is an electric flavor experience.  In terms of flavor, that’s all they’ve really said.  Name-wise, I’m expecting something sweet, possibly fruity?  I read the name and I can’t help but think Skittles.  Who knows?

    However, fans of Bang can find out, as a case of 12 is now available to purchase from Bang’s website for $31.99.

    If you buy a Radical Skadattle please feel free to leave a comment on what the flavor is.  I’m sure it will be some time before I know myself.

    Michael Parsons
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