BlenderBottle Unveils New DC Comics Collection


BlenderBottle, one of, if not the most well known protein shaker bottle makers out there have announced a new collection that will make comic book fans happy: their new DC Comics Collections.
Featuring ‘an impressive overhaul, with a rounded base for better mixing, pro-level protective SpoutGuard™, and upgraded design. Officially-licensed graphics feature your favorite DC Comics heroes to help you power up for the day ahead’

The new collection contains 3 shakers in their Classic design, along with 3 in in their Pro Series. Each set covers the DC Trinity with a Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman inspired design.


I’m a huge fan of BlenderBottle and can probably be labelled as a borderline collector at this point.  Current favorite is a tie between my Strada Insulated and my metallic Spider-Man Spidey Red.  We’ll see how long it takes before I grab one of these!!