CHUCK E. CHEESE Has an Alias on Grubhub


Chuck E. Cheese apparently has an alias to use when it checks into hotels on food delivery apps such as Grubhub, and its apparently not a ploy or a trick or anything shady. (does anyone with an alias ever admit its for shady things?)

So according to TMZ (getting so much less shady now) and the Twitterverse, the well-known pizza chain and source of multiple nightmare scenarios and acid trips, has an offshoot brand that its going under for food delivery apps.  Chuck E. Cheese or as he’s known in his delivery circles: Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings, even has a logo and everything that gives its the appearance of just being another Mom and Pop local pizza and wings joint.  The best part is: there is zero reference or association with Mr. Cheese himself.


No official public statement has been made of this writing from Mr. Cheese’s people, but via TMZ reports, all the Pasqually’s Pizza joints on Grubhub reroute back to an actual Chuck E. Cheese location.  The company has said its kind of its own thing within the company that’s meant to be a more premium pizza that’s separate from their usual kid-centric feel and appearance.

Most likely scenario: the company is trying to get out ahead of a scandal involving Mr. Cheese that is likely to be revealed at any time.

We’ll continue to follow this story as it develops.

(Legit respect this hustle on this.)