DOCTOR WHO – Watch ‘The Secret of Novice Hame’ from Russell T. Davies

David Tennant and Anna Hope lends their voices to the beautiful animated short looking at the last moments of Novice Hame


Doctor Who Lockdown has been a welcome reprieve from all the mundane of the pandemic and quarantining, not just because we’ve been able to revisit some of the old favorites, but because of the added content we’ve received along the way.

Saturday’s penultimate global rewatch proved to be no different.  Emily Cook was joined by Russell T. Davies, directors James Hawes and Richard Clark, and actress Anna Hope for the double-episode rewatch of the “New Earth” and “Gridlock” both from the David Tennant era of the show.  At the end of the rewatch, a “sequel” to the previous two episodes was released.  Written by Davies himself, “The Secret of Novice Hame” completes the trilogy of stories as we’re told the final tale of Novice Hame in the final moments of her life.  Narrated by Anna Hope, we again hear Novice Hame’s voice as she’s visited by another familiar voice, as David Tennant returns to lend his voice for The Doctor, who pays a visit during the beautiful animated short.