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    Here’s Our First Good Look at Mysterio’s Full Costume in Spider-Man: Far From Home

    A new promotional image featuring our first real detailed look at Mysterio’s Full Costume from Marvel and Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel; Spider-Man: Far From Home, has found its way onto Reddit. (Gotta love me some reddit!)

    While we only got a quick glimpse of ole Fishbowl in all his glory in the first trailer, this image gives us our first full and proper look at the iconic villain, and its hard to argue that not only has Marvel stayed true to the source material, but they’ve also made him look pretty damn awesome.

    The odds are we’re not going to be getting anything official from Marvel on the new Spidey flick, until at least a few weeks after Avengers: Endgame is released in theaters.  So until that time, this will have to do!


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