PERFORMA Adds Daredevil and Winter Soldier to its Extensive Superhero Shaker Line


I have an addiction to admit to: I am addicted and love shakers, or as my wife calls them “shakey cups”.

If it has a brand or imagery of a pop culture flavor, even better!

I’m clearly not the only one as Performa has an abundance of such shakers and products.  They’re latest are a pair of officially licensed Marvel staples: Daredevil and Winter Soldier.

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

The Daredevil shaker sports a red lid on top of a black cup with the all too familiar ‘DD’ in large familiar red for the devil of Hell’s Kitchen in Performa’s Classic Shaker style; a 28oz shaker with a screw-on lid, with the company’s ‘ActionRod’ mixer down the middle.

Bucky Barne’s at your service

The Winter Soldier shaker also comes in the classic style, sporting black on black lid and cup combo.  The cup sports Bucky Barne’s classic Window Soldier star emblem from his mechanic arm.

Both cups are available at Performa’s website for $14.99 each.