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    WWE: The Official Cookbook – Review

    Can you smell what WWE is cookin?!

    This puntastic heavy cookbook from Allison Robicelli features over 75 recipes inspired by your favorite WWE Superstars, split into 6 separate categories from Breakfast appetizers to desserts and cocktails.

    Feel like The Rock’s Jabroni Macaroni Salad (made with People’s Elbows), some Braun Stroganoff, or The Blub Sandwich with Au Jus Styles? (Ok, they can’t all be winners)

    The book itself contains some great photos of your favorite wrestlers present and past, and the recipes themselves aren’t all that bad, albeit not the healthiest, and that’s IF you can get past some of the more painful puns and receipt associations; Coffee Kingston and Iced Booker T I’m looking at you!

    While a cookbook of recipes FROM WWE superstars would be far more interesting, let’s be real; the bulk of it would mostly be chicken and broccoli in some form or another.  This book simply claims to have recipes “inspired” by the wrestlers, and that they are while being very heavy-handed in it.  Some are truly so painful and corny, I’m surprised Vince McMahon’s name isn’t all over this book.

    I do wish there were healthier options, and as gimmicky cookbooks go, it’s not the best.  Not the worst, but not the best, and sometimes it’s just cringe-inducing.  So we’ll call it: the Baron Corbin of cookbooks!

    I still recommend WWE: The Official Cookbook; it has a nice variety of recipes, and would be the perfect grab for a WWE fan or fans of puns, if you have someone that’s both, well you have found the perfect gift!

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