Yes, Geekasms is Back!

No joke, I’ve actually resurrected the ole Geekasms site (albeit with a new domain address).

I completely blame my girlfriend for this too, just to be upfront.

I admit, I had walked away and closed the door on a site that had garnered millions of views, that originally started a decade ago.   I had gotten burnt out.  Trying to maintain a site that was covering a barrage of subjects, nearly completely by myself, and with zero financial gain, it exhausted me.  So, when life got busy, and I had to cut the fat, the original site was cut.

A few years later, a new/geeky girlfriend who shares many of the same interests as I do, I found myself constantly making statements that started with “yeah, when I had Geekasms” or “Back in the Geekasms days” and I began to realize, that I missed this old girl.

So, during my downtime between the day job, and being design gigs with my freelance job, I started dabbling with names, with logos, trying to see if anything sparked me.  If anything got my juices running.

For the last few years, I’ve been much more health conscious.  Eating healthier, going to the gym, trying out different protein powders or BCAAs all while building a slightly unsettling shaker cup collection.  (Not really, you can never have enough shaker cups!!)  So with that shift in my lifestyle in mind, I felt like a new site might go down that path.  I’ve always loved the name Geekasms, since the day I came up with it (despite some people raising their eyebrows or questioning the moral aspects of the name.  To those people I say; get over yourself), however, this was a new site, so I felt the need to start with a new name.  I tried on a few, even tried what felt like a cousin to Geekasms, with the name Sparkologie, but nothing felt the way Geekasms did.

So, once I decided that, I ended up going back, tweaking and playing around with one of the last logos I used, and voila!  The old Geekasms was new again, and ready to kick off the next decade of shenanigans.

I say all that, to get to this point of the post; This is for old readers coming back, and for new ones just finding this: this is not going to be your typical geeky/pop culture type website.

Yes, there will be posts about movies, and television, and wrestling, and practically anything else that the original site had, but they’ll be selective, and they won’t be overwhelming.  Along with that though, will be posts about life, working out, being a father, and anything in between.  The site is going back to what it once was; an extension of my life.

People say that you should write and make content with your audience in mind.  Well, for this site, the audience is me, and people like me.  Yes, I love sci-fi, and comics, and superhero movies, and will watch and keep up with wrestling, and play board games, and have dabbled in Dungeons and Dragons, and all that, but you can just as well find all that stuff on any thousands of other sites.  Fact is, I’m all that stuff, plus a father, plus a guy in his late 30s trying to keep in shape and be healthier for his family.  I’m a bald guy with a beard!  So, between the posts about Spider-Man and Game of Thrones, we’ll have a review of anything from protein powder to products for my beard and head.  I’m likely even going to highlight recipes I find and love, and some I may even tweak, but all those posts will come without a college dissertation prior to the actual recipe.

This site is for me, for you, for everyone.  This will be a safe, friendly, relaxed corner of the interwebs.

Feel free to post, to comment, or just read and move on.  If you’re not following us in the land of Social Media, we’ll be active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Feel free to join us there as well.

This is Geekasms 2.0.  Reformulated Geekery for us all!

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